The Scottish Defence League (SDL) appeared on the scene in 2010; established as the Scottish arm of the English Defence League. Relations with the EDL soon turned sour and saw the SDL align themselves with the more extreme and neo-Nazi North West Infidels. This relationship has continued, with the Infidels and SDL having a reciprocal arrangement when attending demonstrations, as a means to boost each others numbers and make it look like some resemblance of a ‘street movement’, due to the small numbers of both groups.


The SDL are, like the EDL, an umbrella for any racist to converge with. The SDL have a small core of regulars who are also BNP members, even although the two like to claim they have no relationship with each other. The ideology of the SDL is mainly anti-Islam, protesting against building of new mosques and the use of alleged halal meat in fast food restaurants. But the truth is that SDL members regulary team-up with the BNP in Scotland and have attended BNP Conferences in Blackpool and National Front demonstrations in London. Greek neo-nazi flags of the Golden Dawn Party have also been displayed at a demonstration in Edinburgh. Their close friendship with the Infidels, would also suggest that the SDL are much more than an anti-Jihadist group. The Infidels are also close to the NF and BNP and unlike the SDL, have in the past produced statements of intent such as, calling for ‘British Jobs for British Workers’,

 Wanting the ‘Bank of England owned by the state and not international private Zionist bankers’, Immigration ‘sorting out’ and the ‘MOD to protect uk citizens instead of fighting wars for Zionist Israel, money and oil whilst ‘our people’ are still being attacked in Ulster.’  If the SDL found these views abhorrent, they would not associate themselves with such an outfit; but as they regularly do, we can safely presume that the SDL are in complete agreement with the racist and anti-Semitic Infidels group.


One such member of the SDL is Paul Newlands. Exposed in a national newspaper for being a Nazi. Newlands, from Edinburgh’s Muirhouse was revealed to have made countless racist comments on his Facebook page, had Nazi and Ku Klux Klan imagery and videos glorifying Adolf Hitler posted. Newlands also has a swastika tattooed on his chest and outlawed paramilitary group; Combat-18 tattoo on his back. Nazi, James Boyd has also been spotted in Glasgow attending SDL demonstrations.

The SDL frontman is Edinburgh based Graham Walker who acts as the spokesperson for the SDL and contact between Police and Council Officials whenever they apply to stage a demonstration. Key men in the SDL are William Smith, Sean Graham and Steven Jacobs.

Demonstrations: The SDL have staged numerous ‘Anti-Islam’ demonstrations throughout the country, always met by a robust anti-fascist response. In Edinburgh last year, a march followed by a demo outside the Scottish Parliament; organised after the murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby in Woolwich, London, attracted English Defence League Divisions, who had also been attending SDL demo’s prior to this. In Glasgow’s George Square, the SDL disrupted a Scottish Trades Union Council supported rally ‘Campaign to Welcome Refugees’ in June 2012 with 57 derogatory conduct towards Islam being recorded by Police. SDL also claim to ‘honour the memory’ of tragic Kris Donald, who was murdered by Asians in the Pollokshields area of Glasgow in 2004. Despite pleas from the Donald family, the SDL continue to use Kris’s name on their flags and visit the site of the murder each year, in a deliberate attempt to divide the community, which has a high Asian population. Lately, activity from the SDL has been very limited both online and off; coinciding with the demise of the EDL and the jailing of key people in the Infidels organisation.

Top: Walker (left) & Newlands.            Top Middle: Steven Jacobs    Bottom Middle: William Smith. Bottom:Sean Graham.