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The Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership is a secretive trade deal currently being negotiated behind closed doors between the U.S, European Union & Multi National Corporations. If allowed to pass it will have far reaching consequences for everyone. Food standards will be eroded, the environment will suffer with energy companies allowed to explore for shale gas, chemical and pharmaceutical standards will also be de-regulated in line with the USA. Public services; including the NHS could be privatised, job losses of at least 1 million in the EU & US are predicted, whilst those in work will see further attacks on their employment rights and wages. It also allows big business to sue any Government they believe has blocked trade or taken action that hits their future profits.

Whilst TTIP may not be a racist policy in itself, the detriment to employment rights & equalities along with the provision for companies to exploit workers from countries included in TTIP, could very well lead to a hardening of attitude towards immigration in general. This would facilitate a populist racist agenda; driven by powerful sections of the media and certain political parties. If TTIP is allowed to pass it will create fertile conditions for racism to not only grow but flourish. We need to monitor the rhetoric of opportunist parties such as the BNP and UKIP along with the the right-wing media who will try to sell TTIP as good for the economy. TTIP will result in more division of our communities. It can still be stopped! Say No to TTIP. Say NO to Racism!

Greater Glasgow HOPE not hate believes that the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership should be opposed in its entirety. TTIP is a regressive piece of legislation which undermines democracy, attacks workers and human rights, will lead to further austerity leading to mass job losses thus creating the right conditions for racism and scapegoating of immigrants and migrants to flourish. TTIP will only benefit

business who stand to profit from the deal. Ordinary working people; regardless of their ethnicity, will suffer under TTIP.

Currently, the political parties who oppose TTIP in it’s entirety are the Scottish Green Party, Socialist Party and the Communist Party.

Labour support the principal of TTIP but would wish to see the NHS, Public Services and ISDS mechanism (companies suing Governments) exempt whilst the SNP appear to have concerns over NHS, Public Services, ISDS and resolved at their 2015 Spring Conference to take a position on TTIP when the full facts of the deal are known (December 2015 at the earliest). UKIP meanwhile; a Party which claim to dislike the EU, wish the NHS to be excluded but have no position on any other aspect of TTIP and will not make one until full details are available. The Conservative Party fully support TTIP and currently have no wish for exemptions with the Lib-Dems stating they wish the NHS to be exempt.

Write to your MEP or MP raising your objections to TTIP. Sign many of the on-line petitions organised by campaign groups such as 38 Degrees or Global Justice Now, as well participating in local events which raise awareness of the dangers of TTIP. If you are in a trade union; ask for info on TTIP from your branch or regional office. Scotland Against TTIP is another source of information which can be found at: and is a broad coalition of Trade Unions and campaigning groups; including ourselves, who oppose the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership.

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