Ex-BNP and Britain First Scottish Organiser, Gary Raikes in full Fascist uniform.


The New British Union is modelled on Sir Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists. Self appointed ‘Leader’ (dictator) of the group is ex BNP Scotland Organiser ; Gary Raikes. Raikes, originally from Bristol but who now lives in Turriff, Aberdeenshire established the fascist group in early 2013 after leaving the BNP and then exiting Jim Dowson’s Britain First Party. The group idolise Mosley so much they have plagiarised Mosley’s policies and Party identity, exemplified by the ‘White Thunder Flash and Circle’ or ‘Flash in the Pan’ emblem of the BUF prominently on display on all NBU related propaganda. There is also a requirement to re-enact the past by dressing up as Blackshirts; but only at NBU events and private functions as Political Uniforms were banned after the Battle of Cable Street under the 1936 Public Order Act. Indeed, Raikes was selling a cap badge, black t-shirt, arm band, hot buffet and entry to the NBU’s first Conference held in Milton Keynes for £25. The Conference apparently attracted around 25 oddballs from various sections of the far-right and right such as the BNP, EDL and UKIP. Some Satanists also reportedly attended the ‘historic’ conference. The strongest part of the NBU appears to be their digital presence. On their website they have over 50 Area and Divisional Officers listed throughout the UK as well as Europe and North America, but the glaring lack of activity so far, would suggest this is probably the entire membership. Raikes was reported to have allocated ‘positions’ to people who only contacted him enquiring about his fascist group. He then put their name down on the NBU website as Officers,according to the area they resided, without the person’s knowledge.

In Scotland, Ex-BNP Scotland Treasurer and friend of Raikes is Richard Payne from Fyvie who acts as the NBU Officers Rep. Jodie Muncie from Sanqhuar in Dumfrieshire s the appointed Scottish Divisional Officer and local Area Officers are: Graeme Marshall in Glasgow, John Fisher for East Renfrewshire, Kevin Malcolm in Edinburgh and Rose England aka Rosemary Hopkins from Eday in Orkney Islands.

On a more serious note, the only real piece of activity seen by the NBU was a gathering; along with other fascists, outside the Greek Embassy in London supporting the notorious neo-Nazi ‘Golden Dawn’ Party, followed by a statement on their website claiming full support for Golden Dawn and their activities in Greece; a fascist party who have embarked on a program of  intimidation, harassment, violence and murder of immigrants, anti-fascists and trade unionists.

The NBU are not a recognised Political Party as they have not registered with the Electoral Commission. We would expect this to change in the near future and a closer look at the NBU’s, or should that be the BUF’s ‘policies’ appears to follow fascist ideals such as establishing a ‘Corporate State’, abolishing the welfare state and allowing religious institutions to take it’s place, dissolving trade unions, establish an elite of fascists within society where the ‘Leader’ ‘should not be subject to the whim of popular opinion’ , promote ‘World Peace’ but then claim that war is ‘sometimes necessary ‘ for the control of oil, would aim to hold referendums on the issues of abortion, homosexuality and contraception. A woman’s place would most certainly be in the home, as the NBU would encourage the Mussolini and Hitler inspired ideal of rearing children to ensure the ‘survival of the Nation’. No further mention of women’s role in a fascist state is made apart from allowing women to serve in the army; but not on the battlefield. The fascists would also ‘propose the immediate secession of employing overseas foreign nurses in the NHS’; resulting in the virtual overnight collapse of our Health system. They also want the European Human Rights Act abolished and claim ‘multiculturalism’ has not worked. Other bizarre claims such as ‘excluding foreign food stuffs and replacing them with British products’, banning school sports teams and initiating a ‘British Space Exploration Programme’ suggests the New British Union of  Fascists really are on a different planet from any fair and reasonable thinking person.