Today, the National Front are still active in areas such as Aberdeen, Newcastle, Liverpool, Hull, Oldham & Thurrock. The highlight of the NF’s ca lander is the annual wreath laying ceremony at London's Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday .                                                                                   

It is estimated they currently have a membership of around 400 throughout the UK and have failed in luring the 10,000 or so, disaffected ex-BNP members to their ranks.                                                                             

Current Chairman is Ian Edward; a non-de script ex-BNP low level official. For their £10 annual fee; members are encouraged to agitate in local communities by the use of  leafleting, protests and sales of their bi-monthly newspaper;  Britain First. Political opportunities and recognition remain incredibly limited for the NF. Although avowedly ‘democratic’, the party puts little faith in the parliamentary process, although it has remained a legal organisation allowing it to receive regular electoral humiliations. Many of its most senior members in the 1980s and 1990s were driven to violent desperation at the then hopeless outlook for the far-right electorally Britain. Most notably in relation to Northern Ireland, NF members gave very real and active support to those prepared to indulge in terrorism.


The NF stood 40 candidates at the 2012 elections in England, Scotland and Wales, including three candidates for the Greater London Assembly (GLA) elections and a candidate for the Liverpool Mayoral elections. Although the NF’s average vote was under 5%, they did achieve noticeably high votes in former BNP strongholds, in particular Tipton Green in Sandwell (11.5%) and Deputy Chair Kevin Bryan’s respectable 16% in his home borough of Rossendale.

Both candidates were formerly BNP candidates in these same wards. In February of this year however, the NF managed only three votes in a by-election seven votes less than the number of people who signed the candidate’s nomination  

The National Front in Scotland is headed by Scottish Organiser Dave MacDonald (pictured below). They are small in number and active in the Aberdeenshire area.

The NF also claim to be active in Fife. In 2012 the NF stood six candidates in Aberdeen and two in West Lothian for the 2011 Scottish Parliament election and achieved 0.8 %to 1.6% of the vote. In 2012 the party tried to hold a recruitment drive in the Castlegate area on the same day as the Aberdeen May Day Parade. Also intended to march through Aberdeen city centre on 20th April; Adolf Hitler's birthday. MacDonald has also instigated demonstrations against the proposed new mosque in the Seaton area and has stood as NF candidate for the Bridge of Don 2013 returning 1.1% (249 votes).

National Front policies include outright racist,sectarian and discriminatory ideals which are reprehensible to any fair minded person. They include:


NF Scotland Organiser; Dave MacDonald