INFIDELS- North West & North East

The Infidels-so called as they reject the religion of Islam, are a splinter of the much larger and more well known; English Defence League. Established in April 2011 they are a non-political group who broke away due to a fallout with John ‘Snowy’ Shaw over finances, which saw Shaw expelled. The rift deepened in April 2011 after the EDL North East Division and the Luton EDL violently clashed in Blackburn at an EDL organised demo.

The former EDL North West and North East Divisions then announced they were no longer aligned to the EDL in April 2011 and would be operating as the ‘Infidels of Britain Coalition’. The far-right Scottish Defence League are also part of this coalition. The Infidels are split into two ‘Divisions’; the North West and North East with John Shaw  and Paul Duffy being the respective leaders. Strongholds are in Merseyside, East Lancashire and Tyne & Wear,

The Infidels are a extreme violent ‘street protest’ group opposed to multiculturalism are anti-immigration and anti-Islam. The Infidels are more extreme than the EDL due to their anti-Muslim, anti-Semitic and anti-catholic sentiments. The group are also closely linked with neo-Nazi individuals such as Kevin Watmough (notorious neo-Nazi and Redwatch website) and Liam Pinkham (British Freedom Fighters, Racial Volunteer Force, criminal, football hooligan) and racist political parties such as the National Front and BNP. The Infidels hold occasional static demonstrations across the North of England and Scotland with the Scottish Defence League; mainly in areas where there is a high ethnic community, proposed building of a mosque and in the past have targeted fast food restaurants they claim use Halal Chicken in their products. The Infidels have also launched attacks on trade unionists in the Merseyside area. In April 2012, five members of the Infidels were arrested by Police Counter Terrorism Unit for inciting racial hatred on the Internet. Reported membership to be around 200 in 2013, but recent events which have seen key members being jailed (see below) may hamper further attempts at organising future demo’s and recruitment.

North West Infidels:

Leader of the Nwi is John ‘Snowy’ Shaw from North Yorkshire. A racist and sectarian, Shaw was a Lama farmer found guilty of animal cruelty in 2012 after he let the Lamas in his care starve to death. Shaw claimed he had no money to feed them, but this is highly doubtful as this man tours the North of  England and Scotland on demonstrations with the Infidels and also makes regular visits to Northern Ireland where he likes to dress up in Orange Order Marching band uniforms.

Shane Calvert is Shaw’s no 2. Calvert, also known as “Diddyman” from Blackburn, Lancashire has a penchant for posting vile racist comments and perpetuating violence towards immigrants online. He was recently jailed for 14 months on a Violent Disorder charge which seen him and six other men; including Liam Pinkham, assault people attending an anti-fascist meeting in Liverpool.

North East Infidels:

Brothers Paul and Peter Duffy run the North East Infidels. Elder brother Paul, a convicted heroin dealer was jailed in 2013 for 5 years after been caught in possession with a pistol, ammunition, CS gas spray and amphetamines. Peter Duffy was jailed for 10 months for his part on a botched attack of a political party meeting in Newcastle’s Irish Centre. Warren Faulkner, the NEI’s Lieutenant is another well known Islam hater and criminal from County Durham, who has 23 criminal convictions so far.

Top to Bottom: John ‘Snowy’ Shaw (NWI), Shane Calvert (NWI), Paul Duffy (NEI) and Warren Faulkner (NEI)

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