Britannica are a tiny new far-right party, first registered in August 2011. They comprise ex-members of Glasgow BNP and have Charlie Bailllie; ex-Glasgow BNP Organiser as their ‘Leader’. Party officers include Max Dunbar, Treasurer and ex-treasurer of Glasgow BNP and John Robertson, ex BNP ‘Security Officer’ for the Highlands & Islands. Other ex-BNP members include Jean Douglas and Martin Clark. The party is essentially the core of the BNP Glasgow branch under a new name. The reason for the breakaway is unclear, but it is alleged that Baillie and other members of Glasgow BNP  wanted to ‘destroy the BNP in Scotland’; after fall-outs with other leading branch members. When this information came to light; BNP leader Nick Griffin subsequently expelled those members who allegedly were plotting against him and his party. As a result, the exiled BNP members formed Britannica.                                                                                                                                               

They stood four candidates in Glasgow Council elections in 2012, returning derisory results and coming last in every ward. The highest number of votes was for Jean Douglas (Southside Central) with 35 votes and the lowest was Martin Clark (Calton) with 9, just pipping party leader Charlie Baillie who had 11 votes (Hillhead). Baillie also stood as Britannica candidate for Govan Ward Council by-election in October 2013 and Shettleston Ward, December 2013. The Party’s trend of low, insignificant votes continued throughout these latter two elections.                                                                                                                                                  

Baillie’s comments in the past has shown his true values and beliefs. By stating that he would “go to his grave” wanting the BNP to remain racist and white only. Asked wither he would refuse torture victims from Zimbabwe to live in the UK, he replied, “Yes. They have neighbouring countries they can go to”. The Britannica leader has also claimed that “the recent decade of mass immigration…..damaged the identity and integrity of the British”. He has also objected to “persons who come from Africa” and claimed that “..the term racist is a meaningless word”. In a Telegraph newspaper article, John Robertson was reported as saying “Muslims are breeding like mice. It’s unbelievable what’s happened in Glasgow. One in the belly, three in the pram. Gipsies everywhere begging in the streets. Rapes and murders all by immigrants. I’m really worried. That’s why I joined the BNP”. Baillie and Dunbar have stood as BNP candidates on many occasions through the years within the Glasgow area, with both men also attending English Defence League demonstrations; a group well known for their  intolerance and violence towards others.                                                                                                                                                   

Britannica have clearly adopted a strategy with the clear intention of trying to dupe people into voting for them by offering-up ‘policies’ such as ‘Revitalising Govan as a hub for British Shipbuilding’, ‘Introducing electric buses and taxis’ and ‘Re-landscaping George Square with trees flowerbeds and high quality paving’. Their election material has no mention of race, their racist comments and lies or their past association with the BNP. Despite derisory returns at elections, Britannica and their warped ideology must be challenged and not allowed to grow. That is why Greater Glasgow HOPE not hate will continue to campaign against the Britannica Party.

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Top: Charles Baillie, Leader of Britannica Party pictured campaigning for the BNP. Middle: John Robertson leafleting for BNP in Glasgow. Bottom: Ex-BNP Glasgow Treasurer Max Dunbar.