Muslims and other ethnic minority groups have always been a target of the BNP, but since the 9/11 attacks in New York, the BNP have ramped up their anti-Islam rhetoric. The BNP literally blamed the actions of Al-Quieda extremists on the entire faith of Islam and their followers also claiming that Al-Qia’da is the true form of Islam. The BNP also stated they had “..no objection to Muslims having their own places of worship - provided they are in Muslim countries and not in Britain”. The hateful and aggressive nature of the BNP does not stop there. They regularly target and demonstrate against proposed sites for Mosques, attempt to divide communities by spreading false rumours and lies about Muslims and the faith of Islam; especially in communities with high Muslim populations, protest at the use of Halal meat as ‘animal cruelty’ and will use any negative press story on Islam to further their own agenda. The BNP also have many current members active within the EDL, SDL and Infidels; despite claiming that membership of the EDL is prohibited by party rules. Griffin’s stance on Islam is also hypocritical, as during his National Front days he openly embraced the Iranian Ayatollah Khomeini’s hardline and anti-Semitic regime in addition to seeking backing from the now deceased Libya leader and Muslim; Colonel Mummamar Gadaffi.

Criminals and Terrorists

The BNP have seen many convicted petty and serious criminals within their ranks. Some of the more well known criminals and terrorists include London nail bomber, David Copeland who was sentenced to a minimum term of 50 years in 1999. Copeland set off three bombs killing three innocent people and injuring 139 others. Tony Lecomber, Griffins one-time second in command was sentenced to three years under the Explosives Act after being found in possession of homemade hand grenades and electronic timing devices. Griffin claimed Lecomber only had a conviction for “handling fireworks”. Warren Bennett was a BNP Chief Steward who had over convictions for football hooliganism and was deported from France 98 World Cup along with 50 other Scottish football hooligans. Links to neo-Nazi music skinhead organisation; Blood and Honour who have raised money for the BNP in the past, are active, in addition to links with the Infidels, English and Scottish Defence Leagues.

International Links

Links to world wide neo-Nazi and far-right organisations also exist. Holocaust denier David Irving has already been mentioned, with other holocaust deniers such as Robert Faurisson who was a witness at Griffins trial for racial incitement in 1998 and German Gunter Deckert has addressed BNP meetings. American, Dr William Pierce is a holocaust denier and was the founder and leader of the neo-Nazi National Alliance. Pearce spoke at BNP annual rally in London during 1995. Former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan; David Duke regularly spoke alongside Griffin at neo-Nazi events with the BNP selling Duke’s literature through their own merchandise channels. American Renaissance is a far-right US publication that conveys their theory of white peoples biological superiority over others. Griffin was a speaker at their 2002 annual conference. In Europe, Griffins position as an MEP has helped him forge links with other European far-right, extremist parties such as the Front National from France, Hungary’s Jobbik Party, Svoboda in Ukraine, Sweden’s National Democrat and of course Roberto Fiore’s Feuro Norva. Fiore was involved with NAR an Italian fascist terror cell who were responsible for killing 85 people in the 1980 Bologna Train bombing. BNP also has links to the German National Democratic Party who idolise Hitler and the Nazi regime. NPD members have attended BNP events in the UK with Griffin addressing a NPD rally in 2002.


Top: Holocaust denier, David Irving. Above: The Ku Klux Klan who the BNP have links with.