British National Party


The British National Party as we know it today was formed in 1982 by ex-National Front leader and well known Nazi; John Tyndall. BNP are deemed to be a Racial-Nationalist, extreme-right political party. Under Tyndall’s reign the BNP were overtly Nazi in character and aimed to take control of the streets by incitement against immigrants and ethnic minorities. Tyndall himself was sent to prison in 1986 for inciting racial hatred with his stewardship also seeing the formation of the BNP’s paramilitary wing; Combat 18; taking the first and eighth letters in the alphabet; A for Adolf and H for Hitler. 1993 seen the first ever BNP candidate elected. Derek Beackon was elected onto Tower Hamlets Council in London as Councillor for the Millwall Ward which saw racial attacks increase in the area by 300% during the first three months after the election. Thankfully, Beackon was voted out seven months later.

Current leader is Nick Griffin, a notorious anti-Semitic Holocaust denier, convicted race hate instigator, fascist and opportunist; who was once in the National Front alongside Tyndall until he replaced him as BNP Chairman after a bitter leadership dispute in 1999. Griffin; a Cambridge Law Student from a well-off family attended his first National Front meeting, with his Father, Edwin, at the age of 15. Griffin went onto to join the NF and rise through the ranks, leaving in 1989 for convicted Italian terrorist Robert Fiore’s ‘International Third Position’ (ITP). Fiore’s is now leader of Nazi Italian Party; Forza Nuova. Griffin joined the BNP in 1995 and in 1998 he received a sentence for distributing material likely to incite racial hatred. This was down to anti-Semitic remarks made in the anti-Semitic Croydon BNP publication; The Rune; of which Griffin was the Editor. He received a nine month sentence suspended for two years. During 199 Griffin challenged John Tyndall as leader and decided a change of direction was needed in order to tone down the Nazi image of the BNP in order to get elected; a tactic used to some success by the French National Front. Whilst Griffin was busy publicly trying to play down the BNP’s fascist image, he was in private telling an assembled meeting of US Nazi’s and racists that his core beliefs- the superiority of the white race- remained his driving force. Griffin also enlisted the help of his supporters to run a smear campaign against Tyndall. Griffin won the election and was appointed BNP leader in 1999. Since then, Griffin has presided over many internal feuds and challenges to his leadership; all of which have been unsuccessful, mainly due to his habit of expelling the people and supporters of the people mounting leadership challenges. This and BNP members gravitating towards the English and Scottish Defence Leagues goes some way to explaining the BNP’s recent dramatic fall in membership. They claim to have around 7,000 members, but in reality is believed to be around 3,000 nationwide. In January 2014 Nick Griffin declared himself bankrupt.


The BNP are populists who promise all things to everyone. They scapegoat immigrants and ethnic minorities by blaming them for societies problems. They are the fascist boot boys; an ideology that the people of Britain bravely fought against in the Spanish Civil War and World War 2, to prevent. The BNP reject equality, integration, human and civil rights for people it terms as “non-indigenous”.The BNP are notoriously anti-Semitic; who believe that there is a Jewish conspiracy to dominate the world. Griffin once authored a pamphlet on the subject entitled ‘Who are the Mindbenders’, which was based on the book  ‘Who Rules America?’ by fellow friend and member of the extremely dangerous neo-Nazi group; US National Alliance; Dr William Pearce. Pierce also wrote the ‘Turner Diaries’; another anti-Semitic work which inspired London nail bomber David Copeland and the Oklahoma Bomber; Timothy McVeigh to kill 168 people and injure 500 more. Many in the BNP; including Griffin are Holocaust deniers. Griffin’s views are so extreme he even attacked well known Holocaust denier; David Irving (who has hosted many BNP seminars on the subject) for suggesting that ‘some’ people may have died. Griffin views the Holocaust as a lie invented by Jews to make money. He and the BNP have not changed their views on holocaust denial and anti-Semitism, but realised that it was a major block on their progress to win elections. They now refer to ‘Zionist Influence’ rather than saying ‘Jewish Influence’ and have concentrated their efforts on attacking the religion of Islam.

TOP: BNP Leader; Nick Griffin. ABOVE: London nail-bomber David Copelland.