Al-Muhajiroun’s policies are based on an extreme fundamentalist interpretation of Islam that has little in common with the vast majority of British Muslims conception of their religion. At it’s core is ferverent desire for the revitalisation of an Ottoman Empire type of Islamic system of Government (Caliphate) with the entire world united under Islamic law and leadership. This extremism manifests itself in a form of politics with discrimination and hate at it’s core.

ANTI-SEMITISM & HOLOCAUST DENIAL:  The organisation has a long history of vocal anti-Semitism with Yacub Zaki declaring at a 1998 conference; ‘Nobody was gassed to death in the concentration camps….David Irving has the right idea, destroy the Holocaust myth and you have destroyed Israel’. Orchestrated campaigns have been conducted by Al-Muhajiroun through poster and leaflet distribution calling for a ‘Holy War’ against Jews. This has led to several successful convictions of members of the organisation.

RELIGIOUS INTOLERANCE: Al-Muhajiroun has also made other religions a target of their hate by calling for followers of Sikhism and Hinduism to convert to Islam and by condoning and encouraging the destruction of religious statues in India. They also want the death penalty for anyone who they deem has insulted Islam. For example, Salman Rushdie.

                                                                        HOMOPHOBIA:  Is another integral part of the  organisations core belief system. They  describe gay                                                                          relationships as ‘perverted acts’ comparable to ‘rape and murder’ and call for all homosexuals to be put to death.

                                                                        WOMEN: They call for segregation and subjugation of women.

                                                                        DEMOCRACY: AL-Muhajiroun totally condemn democracy and freedom of speech.

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London Stock Exchange Bombers....Chowdhury, Miah, Desai and Rahman

T.A Bomb Plotters....Iqbal, Ahmed, Hussain and Arshad

Al-Muhajiroun have links to terror groups all over the world

Copyright HOPE not hate
Copyright HOPE not hate