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What is the HOPE not hate campaign?

HOPE not hate campaigns to counter racism and fascism.

HOPE not hate mobilises everyone opposed to the British National Party’s (BNP) and English Defence League’s (EDL) politics of hate. It was formed in 2004 as a positive antidote to the BNP and has the support of the Daily Mirror, trade unions, celebrities and community groups across the country.

We believe in localised campaigning, working within the communities where the organised racists are attracting their support. We try to build relationships, give confidence to those who dislike racism and empower communities to provide a more positive alternative to the politics of despair. We both challenge the myths and lies put out by the BNP and their ilk and also positively mobilise those people who are opposed to racism.

We are not aligned to any political party and will work with everyone wherever possible.

Over the past few years the BNP has seriously contested elections all over the country. Their greatest success has been the election of two BNP MEPs in June 2009, which brought the party financial benefit and an opportunity for Nick Griffin, the BNP leader, to further to develop his links with other European fascist parties and strut around on an international stage.

However, the BNP would undoubtedly have had more MEPs and many more local councillors elected without the HOPE not Hate campaign.

In May 2010 the tide had clearly turned and we won a great victory, kicking the BNP out of Barking and Dagenham and cutting its council seats to 28 nationally.

Since then it has lost more councillors through resignations from the party and at the May 2011 elections. But these setbacks have seen many more far-right supporters take to the streets with the violent the EDL.

At HOPE not hate we want to make sure that people know the full story about who the BNP and EDL are and what they really stand for. The HOPE not hate website aims to do just that, serving the anti-racist and anti-fascist movement and providing up to date news, good practice and analysis.

HOPE not Hate have local groups across the UK, challenging racism and fascism in their area.

Find out what Greater Glasgow HOPE not Hate are

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